Marine Security Service

Marine Security Service is a New Business which when fully established will be able to offer a range of Professional Security Services using Drone and Audio Visual Solutions. Marine Security Services also has proven experience with Yacht and MotorYacht systems and vessels.

This is subject to approval by the Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED) – NSW Police and the Australian Civil Aviation Authority. I Desmond Last am the owner of Marine Security Service which is a registered Pty Ltd.

The CAA Aviation Reference Number for Desmond Last the Director of Marine Security Services is (ARN) 1072715. Marine Security Service will operate as a fully licensed Commercial Drone Operation.

When fully licensed in Australia Marine Security Service will apply for UK Commercial Drone Licensing. UK CAA Drone Licensing. Marine Security Service will also comply with the USA and European Aviation Authorities requirements for drone licensing. and

Marine Security Services seeks Global Partners for Marine and Drone Enterprises.

Marine Security Service will be able to patrol large areas of outdoor facilities and property sunrise to sunset and will also be available for events and concerts. Event videos for training and clients use will also be available if required.

Marine Security Service has also registered www.freightbydrone.

Marine Security Service Sydney will promote the ability to operate anywhere in the World for Private, Government and Military contracts.

Marine Security Service Pty Ltd will also offer a comprehensive audiovisual services to enable you to highlight your private or commercial property for sale or lease. This will include your own unique domain and website which you can link to a real estate site and agent or refer to with your own unique unique business cards with the details of your property. This can also be linked any social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by your agent. The AudioVisual services includes video editing and production.

Marine Security Service Facebook Page

As Sydney Boat Sales I sold many boats successfully using video advertising.

Marine Security Services believes in the quality of its delivery. Marine Security Services  will be accredited to Lloyds of London ISO 9001. Desmond Last, the Sole Director/owner of Marine Security Service, has complied/written and implemented ISO 9001 for Herd Bull Bars, Revesby. Sydney.

Desmond Last successfully owned and operated Sydney Boat Sales on Sydney Harbour for 12 years dealing in new and used vessels 0-100′ in length.

Marine Security Services supports the need to protect our Planet. For my QA on Climate Change read my Quora Answers to Climate Change related Questions.

Marine Security Service Pty Ltd is a registered Australian Company under the Corporations Act 2001.


Marine Security Services will also undertake Audio Visual Drone Productions with and part of the Marine Security Service Group.

Marine Security.

Marine Security Service will by working in conjunction with leading Security Companies provide trained professional, vetted Security Personal for your Vessel(s), Crew, Guests, yourself and family.

Specialised Services will include the safety and security of berthing, monitoring of bilge pump systems, 240v Shore-Ship Integrity, Fire Pumping Systems, 240v Generating  Systems, Engine Room Inspections and the safety and operation of all electrical and Galley Systems.

Your crew will be able to enjoy their shore time whilst your vessel is monitored 24/7 with the latest technology with your own Security App for real-time visual access and communication with professional security staff.

Vessels not in use will benefit from the operation of engine and equipment to ensure your vessel is ready for you and your crew.

Marine Security Services will undertake in-house certification of its Security Staff.

Marine Security Services welcomes interest from

Yacht/Motor Yacht owners

Marina Owners

Leading Security Companies.

Audiovisual enquiries are also welcome.