Marine Security Service


Marine Security Service will be a New Business able to offer a range of Professional Security Services for Marine Application – subject to approval by the Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED) – NSW Police .

Marine Security Service will also operate a Drone Technology Business and a Music Production Business. Details available on request.

Marine Security Service will be based in Sydney with the ability to operate anywhere in the World, Marine Security Service will by working in conjunction with leading Security Companies provide trained professional, vetted Security Personal for your Vessel(s), Crew, Guests, yourself and family.

Specialised Services will include the safety and security of berthing, monitoring of bilge pump systems, 240v Shore-Ship Integrity, Fire Pumping Systems, 240v Generating  Systems, Engine Room Inspections and the safety and operation of all electrical and Galley Systems.

Your crew will be able to enjoy their shore time whilst your vessel is monitored 24/7 with the latest technology with your own Security App for real-time visual access and communication with professional security staff. Vessels not in use will benefit from the operation of engine and equipment to ensure your vessel is ready for you and your crew.

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