Marine Security Service

Marine Security Service is a New Business which when fully established will be able to offer a range of Specialist Professional Security Services. Marine Security Service will promote the ability to operate anywhere in the World for Private, Government and Military contracts.

1. I specialise in Corporate and Industrial Security with the ability to offer Licensed BodyGuarding as a Skilled Driver. Subject to satisfactory completion of Certificate 3 in Security and Licensing by the NSW Police which I  will complete on 28 February 2020. I am available with or without Vehicle and off and on vessel. I operate through established and professional Security Companies.
2. I specialize in Security and Audit/Inspections for Automotive and Marine applications. This service is available to Individuals, Business, Government and Military.The Audit includes a Systematic Analysis of the methods and processes used to maintain your vehicle or vessels to maximise safety and Security. It is designed to be cost-effective and Quality driven. I am also able to carry audits of any vehicle/vessel storage compounds and systems.
My specialist services have a very high degree of Integrity and Professionalism. They are offered to Individuals, Business, Government and the Military. Note: Only Military who have an alliance with the U.S.A the U.K and Australia.

My specialist and qualified expertise ( with qualification and References) in Marine and Automotives (Light and Commercial and motorcycles) will ensure you, your family, your business and your vehicle(s) and vessel(s) are not only secure but all systems are checked and operated to your requirements and manufacturer’s specification. I am also able to carry out an audit of fleet vehicles or a single vehicle and/or vessel to ensure that your maintenance systems are being completed correctly and that your security is at its optimum.

My audit services are available to fleet buyers, vehicle/vessel distributors and vehicle/vessel manufacturers and individuals to test and audit the maintenance and logistical systems you are paying for (Private Commercial and Military). I have a qualified proven experience in Pre-Delivery of both Automotive and Marine. My engineering knowledge of Automotive and Marine is current on a wide range of vehicles and includes electric Vehicles and hybrids.

As an ex-Department of Transport (UK) Area Vehicle Examiner my duties included Private Vehicle Annual Roadworthiness Training and Assessment of Nominated Testers and Testing Stations. Road Checks with the Metropolitan, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire Police. OEM Vehicle Defect investigation. Annual Testing of HGV’s, Coaches and Buses – including London Double-Deckers. Accident Investigation and Supervision of Government Testers at HGV Testing Stations. The training and experience from the Department of Transport combined with my employment by Renault Trucks, Dunstable as the Legislation Supervisor in Type Approval and Homologation ensure that any audit/inspections I carry out are performed to a very Professional Standard. I have also managed a 40 Vehicle Catering Truck Fleet whilst General Manager of Matilda’s, Revesby, Sydney.

I have experience of Vessels up to 100′ should you require on-board security whilst off-shore or coastal sailing/motoring. My experience is in Power vessels up to 100′, and in Sail up to 60′ and includes rigid and soft hulled inflatables. I Desmond Last successfully owned and operated Sydney Boat Sales on Sydney Harbour for 12 years dealing in new and used vessels 0-100′ in length.

Should your vessel be on a berth I can schedule an on-board check of all systems -incl 240v Charging, 12/24 Volt maintenance, Bilge system and fire systems, on-board generation and refrigeration systems . I am able to inspect your own vehicle ensure it is safe and secure and provide you with a skilled bodyguard licensed driver .

Your crew will be able to enjoy their shore time whilst your vessel is monitored 24/7 with the latest technology with your own Security App for real-time visual access and communication with professional security staff.

Vessels not in use will benefit from the operation of engine and equipment to ensure your vessel is ready for you and your crew.

Marine Security Services will undertake in-house certification of its Security Staff.

My engineering apprenticeship was with the U.K Ministry of Defence (UK Army). I have signed the U.K Official Secrets Act (UK Department of Transport) – I appreciate the requirement to be confidential. My engineering apprenticeship included the refurbishment and maintenance of Military Vehicles post-combat. I have experience of compiling and implementing ISO 9001/2. Should you require an audit of Military Vehicles (drive train, vehicle/vessel integrity and associated systems only) a comprehensive report will be provided with video and recommendations. My experience includes Emergency Vehicles; whilst General Manager for Herd Bull Bars, Revesby, Sydney I supervised the construction of the trays, water tank, manifolds and equipment for BNS Engineering of 20 NSW Rural Bush Fire Trucks. Liaising with the RFS which included meeting with Philip Christian Koperberg  BEM, the then RFS Commissioner.

I have worked in remote areas in the Northern Territory Australia. At the Pine Creek Gold Mine, Tanami Desert Gold Mine and Mowlean Gold as well as Killarney Station carrying out 4WD Maintenance, Generator Maintenance, Truck Maintenance incl Explosives Trucks and Runway Maintenance Vehicles at RAAF Tindal. I have also carried out Ball Mill Shut-Down work. I was employed by Jim Bitossi, DJ Engineering. Katherine, Northern Territory.

  • Advice For Governments and Military
  • The value of Military Vehicles/vessels can be increased for sale if the vehicle(s) have been comprehensively audited.
  • Do not buy used military vehicles/vessels for your Military application unless they have been independently audited.
  • New Military vehicles/vessels that have been extensively modified for you should always be subjected to a complete independent audit and inspection.
  • I advise not to take delivery of any military vehicle/vessel new or used until they have been audited and fully inspected.
  • An audit will ensure supply chain and cost control as well as ‘storage care’.
  • An inspection of the spare parts and the vehicle/vessel supplied will ensure condition and field reliability, fit for purpose and ‘ready to go.
  • The same can be said for Emergency and Security Service Vehicles/Vessels.
  • Military and Emergency Vehicles that are kept stored until needed should be maintained and kept to a maintenance standard which includes scheduled procedures to ensure that the vehicle or vessel is not damaged by being incorrectly stored.
  • It is important to store vessels in such a way that long-term damage does not occur.
  • Military and Emergency Vehicles/Vessels/Motorcycles that are no longer required have many applications. An audit will provide you with a list of options that will reduce the cost of dispersal and may even create a new revenue stream for you.
  • Partnership Options should be considered with Private Industry when specifying a new design. The possibility of a new revenue stream can exist for commercial sales developed from a Military specification.
  • Conseils: La valeur des véhicules / navires militaires peut être augmentée à la vente si le (s) véhicule (s) ont été audités de manière approfondie.
  • N’achetez pas de véhicules / navires militaires d’occasion pour votre application militaire, sauf s’ils ont été audités de manière indépendante.
  • Les nouveaux véhicules / navires militaires qui ont été largement modifiés pour vous doivent toujours être soumis à un audit et à une inspection indépendants et complets.
  • Je conseille de ne pas prendre livraison de tout véhicule / navire militaire neuf ou d’occasion tant qu’il n’aura pas été audité et entièrement inspecté. Un audit garantira la chaîne d’approvisionnement et le contrôle des coûts ainsi que les «soins de stockage».
  • Une inspection des pièces de rechange et du véhicule / navire fourni garantira l’état et la fiabilité sur le terrain, adaptée à l’usage et «prête à l’emploi».
  • Il en va de même pour les véhicules / navires des services d’urgence et de sécurité.
  • Les véhicules militaires et d’urgence qui sont entreposés jusqu’à ce qu’ils soient nécessaires devraient être entretenus et conformes à une norme d’entretien qui comprend des procédures planifiées pour garantir que le véhicule ou le navire n’est pas endommagé par un entreposage incorrect.
  • Il est important de stocker les navires de manière à éviter les dommages à long terme.
  • Les véhicules militaires et d’urgence qui ne sont plus nécessaires ont de nombreuses applications. Un audit vous fournira une liste d’options qui réduiront le coût de la dispersion et peuvent même créer une nouvelle source de revenus pour vous.
  • Les options de partenariat doivent être envisagées avec l’industrie privée lors de la spécification d’une nouvelle conception. La possibilité d’une nouvelle source de revenus peut exister pour les ventes commerciales développées à partir d’une spécification militaire.

My Bachelor of Arts Degree specialises in Systems Management. Should your vehicle(s) or Vessel(s) Maintenance System for Fleet Private, Commercial and Military maintenance systems not be operating to their optimum I am able to carry a System Analysis of the ‘environment’ they operate within to ensure your vehicle and or vessels are kept to peak readiness and reliability. I am a qualified Automotive Technician to City and Guilds London certification. I have managed a Marine Workshop on Sydney Harbour dealing in all types of Vessels.

NSW Security Licensing is subject to approval by the Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED) – NSW Police.  I Desmond Last am the owner of Marine Security Service which is a registered Pty Ltd.

Drone Operation. Marine Security Service will operate as a fully licensed Commercial Drone Operation. Licensed by the Australian Civil Aviation Authority.When fully licensed in Australia Marine Security Service will apply for UK Commercial Drone Licensing. UK CAA Drone Licensing. Marine Security Service will also comply with the USA and European Aviation Authorities requirements for drone licensing. and . The CAA Aviation Reference Number for Desmond Last the Director of Marine Security Services is (ARN) 1072715.

What can a Drone be used for:

A Drone is able to patrol a perimeter and check for damage to Perimeter protecion from the outside and the inside.

A Drone can be used to check the underside of a vehicle and the exterior and above water line of a vessel. An underwater drone is able to check you hull, propeller(s) and shaft or stern drive.

Should you wish to sell your vehicle, vessel or home a Drone can be used to highlight features.

A Drone can be used to audit in the field and monitor a complete facility.

A Drone can check the inside of a building with camera positions CCTV is unable to film.

Marine Security Service Pty Ltd will offer a comprehensive audiovisual services to enable you to highlight your private or commercial property for sale or lease. This will include your own unique domain and website which you can link to a real estate site and agent or refer to with your own unique unique business cards with the details of your property. This can also be linked any social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by your agent. The AudioVisual services includes video editing and production.

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Marine Security Services supports the need to protect our Planet. For my QA on Climate Change read my Quora Answers to Climate Change related Questions.

Marine Security Service Pty Ltd is a registered Australian Company under the Corporations Act 2001.


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